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Project Server Error Id 10102


Project , Project Server > Project Server General Questions and Answers Question 1 Sign in to vote Hi, I am using PS 2010 and applied JUNE CU ., facing below error...All The errors returned from the queue are as follows: Error ID: 10102 Error ID: 26000 Detailed error below - send it to the administrator for more detailed troubleshooting. OptimizerInvalidForceOutLookupTableUid = 29692 The lookup table GUID cannot be forced out. To process more than 1000 items, use multiple calls, for example, to QueueUpdateProject. useful reference

OptimizerCannotCreateMultipleSolutions = 29707 The Optimizer cannot create multiple solutions. Table 9. ProjectOptCurrencyCodeNot3Chars = 1045 The optional currency code is not three characters. CustomFieldGraphicalIndicatorContainsInvalidFieldReference = 11747 The custom field graphical indicator contains a field reference that is not valid.

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

It entered the queue at 05/28/2008 14:56:44. Error codes in Table 14 include items for project detail pages (PDPs), Exchange synchronization, the Project Web App timeline, and database errors. CustomFieldScopesMustBeIdentical = 11504 The scopes must be identical.

  • OptimizerCannotNormalizePriorityValues = 29313 Priority values cannot be normalized.
  • OptimizerEngineBinaryTimedOut = 29105 The Optimizer calculation timed out.
  • You can specify only one version for each major release, beginning with Project Professional 2007.
  • TimelineViewDataDoesNotExist = 42000 Data does not exist for the timeline view in Project Web App.
  • I am getting below error > > in > > queue log. > > > > --------------------------- > > Error summary/areas: > > CICONotCheckedOut > > CICONotCheckedOut > > Queue >

ProjectManagerNameTooLong = 1015 Project manager name is too long. PlannerProjectNotInParentSolution = 28910 The project is not in the parent solution. ProjectUpdateDuplicateUpdateSequenceNumber = 1152 Duplicate sequence number in the project update. But thisproject is not getting check-in since long time.

AdminLocalCustomFieldInvalid = 19011 The local custom field is not valid. Project Server 2013 Rest Api GeneralQueueInvalidTrackingUID = 26002 The tracking GUID for the queue is not valid. For more information about errors, you can do the following: For ASMX-based applications, use System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException with the PSClientError object to show a list or hierarchy of errors in a PSI method More Bonuses CalendarRecurrencePositionShouldBeNull = 13005 The recurrence position should be null.

PlannerHorizonInvalid = 28004 The Planner time horizon is not valid. There have beenmany fixes associated with the local cache system that have greatly reducedthe incident of this problem. what can i do to resovle the issue. I am getting below errorinqueue log.---------------------------Error summary/areas:CICONotCheckedOutCICONotCheckedOutQueueGeneralQueueJobFailedError details:--------------------------------Please guide me through this issue.Regards, Gary Chefetz 2009-07-15 12:59:37 UTC

Project Server 2013 Rest Api

CBSQueueingRequestFailed = 17010 The CBS failed to submit the job to the queue. OptimizerCannotAddImpactCFUIDToCFAnalysis = 29618 Cannot add the project impact custom field GUID (PROJECT_IMPACT_CF_UID) for portfolio analysis. Project Server 2010 Error Codes But my Project Professional 2007 is not having any patch orService Pack applied. GeneralReadOnlyColumn = 20005 The column is read-only.

Table 15. see here CalendarOnlyOneShiftIsNull = 13000 Only one shift is null. ArchiveGlobalProjectFailed = 25016 Cannot save the enterprise global archive. But > > this > > project is not getting check-in since long time.

CalendarInvalidRecurrencePosition = 13012 The recurrence position is not valid. PlannerInvalidRateTable = 28112 The RATE_TABLE is not valid. It was 12% complete. http://bsdupdates.com/project-server/project-server-error-42.php RestoreGlobalProjectFailure = 25028 Cannot restore the enterprise global template from the archive.

AdminGlobalCheckedOut = 28025 The enterprise global template is already checked out during the call to SetServerCurrency. AuditingEndVersionFailure = 31010 Not used. GeneralQueueInvalidJobUID = 26001 The job GUID for the queue is not valid.

LookupTableMaskHasTooManyValues = 11001 The lookup table code mask has too many values.

AuditingInvalidStoreForSelectedFeature = 31006 Not used. CustomFieldSettingsInvalidForOlapMeasure = 11725 The custom field settings are not valid for an OLAP cube measure. Is that the right solution of this problem? OptimizerEngineCustomFieldIsNotAConstraint = 29101 The custom field is not a constraint for the Optimizer.

Cause and Solution Turns out the issue is one due to the asynchronous nature of the client side libraries, specifically it looks like when performing the "waitForQueueAsync"  we are actually requesting LookupTableMaskBlankSeparatorInvalidAfterAnyLengthSequence = 11009 A blank separator character is not valid after a sequence length of Any. CustomFieldCodeValueDoesNotMatchLookupTable = 11706 The code value does not match the lookup table. http://bsdupdates.com/project-server/project-server-error.php CBSMetadataProcessingFailure = 17005 Processing of the cube metadata failed.

Queue: GeneralQueueJobFailed (26000) - ProjectCheckIn.FailIfNotCheckedOutMessage. CustomFieldTypeDoesNotMatchLookupTableMask = 11512 Custom field type does not match lookup table mask. OptimizerCannotUpdateMultipleSolutions = 29708 The Optimizer cannot update multiple solutions. ActiveCacheQueueJobAlreadyStarted = 12007 The queue job is already started.

AdminNTAccountNotFound = 19032 The Windows (NTLM) account is not found. NotificationReminderChildStillSubscribed = 16053 There is still a subscription to the child of the notification reminder. PlannerInvalidProjectSNETDate = 28204 The "start no earlier than" date for the project is not valid. CBSASServerLockTimeOut = 17006 The Analysis Services server lock timed out.

OptimizerDuplicateForceLookupTableUids = 29693 There are duplicate forced lookup table GUIDs. To get more information about the job failure, please go to Project Web Access. Project error codes Project error code Description ProjectGlobalNotFound = 100 Cannot find the enterprise global template. OptimizerInvalidRange = 29200 The date range for the optimizer is not valid.

CustomFieldMaskDoesNotMatchEntityType = 11521 The code mask does not match the entity type. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Active Directory synchronization error codes Active Directory synchronization error code Description AdSyncUpdateTimerJobFailed = 27002 The update timer job failed for synchronization with Active Directory directory services. ActiveCacheUnsupportedQueueDataType = 12011 The data type in the queue is unsupported.

See Planner.PlannerHiringType. SynchronizationType='All'' Error='RDS failed while trying to sync one or more SP lists. AssignmentFieldsInvalidForBudget = 137 The assignment fields are not valid for the budget. GeneralInvalidDataStore = 80 The specified database does not exist.

ProjectActualsAreProtected = 1047 The project actuals are protected. You should patch your Project Server system toSP2 + April CU, and patch your Project Client to SP1+April CU. CBSDeleteOlapDatabaseSetting = 17023 Error in deleting the OLAP database setting.