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Project Server Error Code 26000


ArchiveSystemSettingsFailed = 25010 Cannot save system settings archive. RestoreViewsFailure = 25032 Cannot restore the views from the archive. ArchiveInvalidRetentionPolicyValue = 25018 The archive retention policy value is not valid. RestoreProjectFailed = 25003 Cannot restore the project. useful reference

ActiveCacheQueuedMessageExecutionError = 12005 There is an execution error for the queued message. I would first turn off automatic calculation and then apply the Summary Tasks filter. LookupTableAllLevelsNotFilled = 11067 All lookup table levels must be filled. Assignment error codesAssignment error codeDescriptionAssignmentNotFound = 120Assignment not found.AssignmentWrongTrackingMethod = 122The assignment has the wrong tracking method.AssignmentWorkTypeInvalid = 127The assignment work type is invalid.AssignmentRateTableInvalid = 130The rate table for the assignment

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

CBSGetDefaultOlapDatabase = 17026 Error in getting the default OLAP database. Try troubleshooting using the error IDs, error XML. 2. CustomFieldFilterInvalid = 11716 The custom field filter is not valid.

  • SRAInvalidVersion = 27300 SRA invalid version.
  • AuditingItemIsNotYetAvailable = 31004 Not used.
  • GeneralQueueJobFailed = 26000 The queue job failed.

OptimizerCannotAddImpactCFUIDToCFAnalysis = 29618 Cannot add the project impact custom field GUID (PROJECT_IMPACT_CF_UID) for portfolio analysis. GeneralNotNullColumn = 20007 The column cannot be null. PlannerInvalidRateTable = 28112 The RATE_TABLE is not valid. ProjectInvalidColumnForCompatibilityMode = 1108 The column for the compatibility mode is not valid.

OptimizerCannotDeleteSolution = 29703 The QueueDeleteOptimizerSolutions method cannot delete the Optimizer solution. Generalqueuejobfailed (26000) ProjectIDInvalid = 1009 The project identification number is not valid. ProjectDoesNotExist = 1028 Project does not exist. my review here Posted by PJ Mistry at 19:33 Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to Pinterest Labels: EPM No comments: Post a Comment Please include your email address with comments.

ProjectExceededLWPTaskLimit = 1052 Exceeded the task limit for a project proposal (a lightweight project). CustomFieldFormulaFieldCannotBeWorkflowControlled = 11719 The formula field cannot be controlled by a workflow. CustomFieldCannotModifyCertainValuesOnceDefined = 11524 Certain values cannot be modified after they are defined. Reverting that change immediately corrected the isssue!

Generalqueuejobfailed (26000)

LookupTableInvalidCookieLength = 11060 The cookie length for a lookup table is not valid. hop over to this website Does anybody have any ideas where this problem comes from and how to avoid it? Project Server 2010 Error Codes The Shared Service Provider cannot use ProjectDataSet to add or update more than 1000 items total in all tables. Project Server 2013 Rest Api Why does a full moon seem uniformly bright from earth, shouldn't it be dimmer at the "border"?

LookupTableInvalidUID = 11078 The lookup table GUID is not valid. see here This was found to deactivated. OptimizerCannotCreateMultipleAnalyses = 29608 Cannot create multiple portfolio analyses. CustomFieldCannotSetValueOnFormulaFields = 11720 Cannot set value on formula fields.

There are frequently clues in the error message that will drive us to a solution; but there are also often a few additional bits of information (such as in this message) LookupTableSortOrderIndexInvalid = 11054 The lookup table sort order index is not valid. AssignmentRateTableInvalid = 130 The rate table for the assignment is not valid. this page Custom field error codesCustom field error codeDescriptionCustomFieldInvalidPropertyType = 11500Invalid property type.CustomFieldInvalidScope = 11503Invalid scope.CustomFieldScopesMustBeIdentical = 11504The scopes must be identical.CustomFieldInvalidEntityUID = 11505Invalid entity GUID.CustomFieldHasInvalidPropertiesForNonLookupTableCF = 11506Invalid properties for a custom field

Details: id='26000′ name='GeneralQueueJobFailed' uid='677df8c5-7409-4e20-8a05-e98395aa2af3′ JobUID='3ca3af00-2e08-49aa-b693-f1314fc09b96′ ComputerName='…' GroupType='SynchronizeMembershipForWssSite' MessageType='SynchronizeMembershipForWssSiteMessage' MessageId='1′ Stage=" And in the ULS log we see some more details: 01/14/2014 15:43:07.23         Microsoft.Office.Project.Server (0x1694) 0x1558 SharePoint Foundation General 8kh7 High  Access Table 15. Contact Us Search form Search Client SuccessesStrategy Execution Cost & Complexity Reduction Accelerated Innovation & Product Development Business Change Enabled by Technology Delivering M&A Value View All Successes ServicesChallenges We Address

Names must be unique.ResourceNTAccountAlreadyInUse = 2028The resource NTLM account is already used.ResourceAdGuidAlreadyInUse = 2029The resource GUID is already used.ResourceHasActuals = 2031The resource has actuals.ResourceNTAccountTooLong = 2035The NTLM account is too long.ResourceEMailAddressTooLong

PlannerInvalidConstraintType = 28110 The CONSTRAINT_TYPE is not valid. GeneralDependencyUidInvalid = 78 The dependency GUID is not valid. AssignmentDuplicateSpecified = 132 There is a duplicate assignment. What I Encountered - My Findings The site creation failed with project creation and manual process.

OptimizerDepInvalidPosition = 29003 The POSITION value is not valid. Table 11. ActiveCacheGeneralSQLException = 12016 There is a general SQL error. Get More Info The following characters are invalid in a project name: / " : < > | , . ' ? * # WSSInvalidWssServerUid = 16413Invalid SharePoint server GUID.WSSSyncUsersFailed = 16414Failed to synchronize

See Planner.ConstraintType. ExchangeSyncExchangeUrlRefreshFailed = 40510 Failed to refresh the Exchange URL. How common is the usage of "yous" as a plural of "you"?