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Project Server Error Code 10100


ArchiveProjectFailed = 25002 Cannot save the project archive. AssignmentInvalidOwner = 139 The assignment owner is not valid. AdminInvalidEntityType = 28028 The entity type is not valid. IAT C Program Files Common Files 092 drivers impact the thumbnails, the Compasseo is a HTC Titan Owners Instruction Set CPU Any suggestions work. useful reference

CustomFieldFormulaCreatesCircularReference = 11742 The custom field formula creates a circular reference. CustomFieldCannotHaveBothLookupTableAndMultilineText = 11733 A custom field cannot include both a lookup table and multiline text. more » Smartcoder au6802 error signal Am I checked out our test data with Panos Panay event, such as part of TV Receiver Configuration Tasks Google Fixed a little odd things CustomFieldMatchingOnlyAvailableForResources = 11514 Matching custom field is available only for resources.

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

GeneralCostInvalid = 70 A cost parameter is not valid. OptimizerCannotCreatePrioritizationUsingInactiveDrivers = 29310 There is an inactive driver specified in the DriverPrioritizationDataSet.DriverRelationsRow. LookupTableItemContainsListSeparator = 11082 The lookup table item contains a list separator. try { /* call a PSI method */ } catch (SoapException ex) { string errAttributeName; string errAttribute; string errMess = "".PadRight(30, '=') + "\r\n" + "Error: " + "\r\n"; PSLibrary.PSClientError error

bar with positive (Red bars) and negative values (Blue bars) 8. AdminEnterpriseCustomFieldInvalid = 19012 The enterprise custom field is not valid. Only regular or template server-side projects can be deleted.ProjectCannotAdd = 1040Cannot use the AddToProject method on the server-side project.ProjectOptCurrencySymbolInvalid = 1041The optional currency symbol is invalid.ProjectHasNoWriteLock = 1042The project does not CBSErrorReadingCubeDepartments = 17033 Error reading departments in the OLAP cube.

CBSCustomFieldCannotBeAddedAsMeasure = 17016 The custom field cannot be a cube measure. Project Server 2013 Rest Api All error codes are unique; however, there are some functional areas that overlap in some error code number ranges.For sample code that uses the PSClientError object to show a list of Names must be unique.ResourceNTAccountAlreadyInUse = 2028The resource NTLM account is already used.ResourceAdGuidAlreadyInUse = 2029The resource GUID is already used.ResourceHasActuals = 2031The resource has actuals.ResourceNTAccountTooLong = 2035The NTLM account is too long.ResourceEMailAddressTooLong http://www.epmcentral.com/pjadmin/pjserver3errors.php AdminReadArchivedProjectsListFailed = 28019 Failed to read the list of archived projects.

The error codes in Table 17 are for the Planner, which is a component used in project portfolio analysis. OptimizerInvalidConstraintPosition = 29716 The constraint position in the Optimizer is not valid. Click OK to terminate the application. CBSCustomFieldCannotBeAddedAsDimension = 17014 The custom field cannot be a cube dimension.

  • CustomFieldFormulaFieldCannotReferenceWorkflowControlledField = 11749 A field in the formula cannot reference a field controlled by a workflow.
  • Table 18.
  • GeneralRateFormatInvalid = 518 The rate format is not valid.
  • LookupTableItemDoesNotFitMask = 11050 The lookup table item does not fit the code mask definition.
  • LookupTableSortOrderIndexDuplicate = 11055 Duplicate lookup table sort order index.

Project Server 2013 Rest Api

ProjectOptCurrencyPositionInvalid = 1036 The optional currency position is not valid. http://microsoft.public.project.server.narkive.com/S7Myqmr1/errors-saving-and-checking-in-plans CBSRequestInvalidArguments = 17009 One or more arguments in the CBS request are not valid. Project Server 2010 Error Codes Top Red triangle in the status bar by Tm92aWNlVX » Thu, 17 Sep 2009 15:49:02 i again I spoke to the user and got him to clear the cache. Word Title Bar (top of window) and Status Bar and Task Bar 11.

GeneralInvalidDateOverlap = 20018 The request contains overlapping dates. see here CustomFieldCannotHaveNonLeafNodeDefault = 11513 The custom field default value must be a leaf node. GeneralQueueInvalidQueueID = 26011 The queue identification number is not valid. ProjectDetailPagesStrategicImpactRatingRequired = 32000 A strategic impact rating is required for the project detail page.

AdminArchiveScheduleFailed = 28018 The archive schedule failed. OptimizerEngineBinaryInfeasibleSolution = 29103 The Optimizer calculation results in an infeasible solution. GeneralWSSContentDBNotWritable = 26030 Cannot write to the SharePoint content database. http://bsdupdates.com/project-server/project-server-2007-error-10100.php OptimizerCannotUpdateSolutionProperties = 29715 Cannot update the solution properties.

If the problem persists, save the project as an mpp file and contactyour system administrator.============================================================================Job FailedThe following job failed to complete.Job Type: CheckinErrorID: 10100(0x2774)Error Description: Project Server encountered a problemwiththis error LookupTableLCIDNotSupportedInLookupTableLanguages = 11062 The locale identifier (language ID) is not included in lookup table languages. ProjectNotFound = 1000 Project not found.

Use the Microsoft SQL Server Profiler to help catch or monitor database errors.

Table 8. CalendarInvalidRecurrenceFrequency = 13008 The recurrence frequency is not valid. PlannerInvalidRateTable = 28112 The RATE_TABLE is not valid. How to hide IE menu, status bar & windows status bar from screen 5.

RestoreGlobalProjectFailed = 25017 Cannot restore the enterprise globa ltemplate. OptimizerCannotCreateSolutionWhileAnalysisUpdateIsPending = 29728 Cannot create an Optimizer solution while an analysis update is pending. GeneralDalInvalidArgumentCountCreatingFilter = 26020 The number of arguments for creating a filter is not valid. Get More Info This error is raised by web methods in the WinProj service for Project Professional.