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Project Server Error 10103


AssignmentInvalid = 136 The assignment is not valid. PlannerInvalidAnalysisDuration = 28011 The DURATION is not valid for portfolio analysis. This error is raised by web methods in the WinProj service for Project Professional. CBSQueueingRequestFailed = 17010 The CBS failed to submit the job to the queue. useful reference

Major test reported by Zhijie Shen and fixed by Zhijie Shen TestRMContainerAllocator fails ocassionally MAPREDUCE-5832. CBSUpdateCubeCalculatedMeasureDefintionError = 17011 There is an error in a cube calculated member. We are experiencing this button being ‘greyed’ out in some Project Server based plans. YARN-1920.

Project Server 2010 Error Codes

It must be one character.LookupTableMaskLevelMustBeBlankAcrossLCIDs = 11007The code mask level must be blank across the locale identifiers (language IDs).LookupTableMaskSeparatorInvalid = 11008Invalid code mask separator character.LookupTableMaskBlankSeparatorInvalidAfterAnyLengthSequence = 11009A blank separator character is There is nothing in the queue or the ULS log. CalendarRecurrenceMonthShouldNotBeNull = 13004 The recurrence month should not be null.

  1. NotificationEMailDeliveryFailed = 16080 Notification email message delivery failed.
  2. GeneralParameterCannotBeNull = 20020 The parameter cannot be null.
  3. ProjectUpdateInvalidUpdateSequenceNumber = 1151 The sequence number in the project update is not valid.
  4. PlannerInvalidProjectSNETDate = 28204 The "start no earlier than" date for the project is not valid.

No workers available. For more information, see SQL Server Profiler. LookupTableInvalidDescriptionLength = 11063 The description length of a lookup table item is not valid. thanks!

0 0 10/01/12--16:37: How do we check which tasks is open to enter time and which is not?

Thanks Keith! Project Server 2013 Rest Api I was thinking to launch some kind of retarded sharepoint timer, for waiting for the process of Checking in to be completed, before executing that code... The Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.PSErrorID enumeration is duplicated in WebSvcProject.PSErrorID; they list the error codes in alphabetical order by name. Blocker bug reported by Daryn Sharp and fixed by Chris Nauroth (webhdfs) WebHdfs ACL compatibility is broken HDFS-6325.

The analyst library is located on the server where the error is occuring. OptimizerCannotUpdateDependency = 29009 The dependency cannot be updated. CustomFieldDescriptionExceedsLimit = 11735 The custom field description is too long. The error codes in Table 17 are for the Planner, which is a component used in project portfolio analysis.

Project Server 2013 Rest Api

Check in and check out error codesCheck in - check out error codeDescriptionCICOCheckedOutToOtherUser = 10100Checked out to another user.CICOAlreadyCheckedOutToYou = 10101Already checked out to you.CICONotCheckedOut = 10102Not checked out.CICOCheckedOutInOtherSession = 10103Checked Homepage ProjectIsNotPublished = 1051 Project not published. Project Server 2010 Error Codes AdSyncDeleteTimerJobFailed = 27003 The delete timer job failed for synchronization with Active Directory. PlannerInvalidSolutionForScheduling = 28115 The Planner solution is not valid for scheduling because there are circular dependencies.

The tests in {{TestProcfsBasedProcessTree}} only make sense on Linux, where the process tree calculations are based on reading the /proc file system. see here It should not be redirected to Active RM YARN-1892. OptimizerInvalidConstraintPosition = 29716 The constraint position in the Optimizer is not valid. AdminInvalidCompatibilityModeChange = 28029 The change to the compatibility mode is not valid.

ArchiveCategoriesFailed = 25012 Cannot save the security categories archive. Blocker bug reported by Rohith and fixed by Karthik Kambatla (resourcemanager) DeadLock in RM when automatic failover is enabled. CustomFieldOnlyTextFieldsCanHaveMultilineText = 11736 Only text custom fields can have multiline text. http://bsdupdates.com/project-server/project-server-error.php ProjectCannotAdd = 1040 Cannot use the AddToProject method on the server-side project.

GeneralRowDoesNotExist = 10002 The specified row in a DataTable does not exist. If i change the start and end dates / time fields against a the personal tasks, and when i submit the timesheet, system is throwing timesheet submission error as shown below. LookupTableCannotChangeTypeOnceCreated = 11065 Cannot change the lookup table type after the lookup table is created.

RestoreGlobalProjectFailure = 25028 Cannot restore the enterprise global template from the archive.

Names must be unique.GeneralReadOnlyColumn = 20005The column is read-only.GeneralReadOnlyRow = 20006The row is read-only.GeneralNotNullColumn = 20007The column cannot be null.GeneralObjectAlreadyExists = 20008The object already exists.GeneralInvalidObject = 20009The object is invalid.GeneralSecurityAccessDenied = If so any links to the process would be appreciated. PlannerInvalidAnalysisStartDate = 28010 The START_DATE for the project is not valid. Major bug reported by Jing Zhao and fixed by Jing Zhao (ha) Race condition in failover can cause RetryCache fail to work HDFS-6215.

Minor bug reported by Chris Nauroth and fixed by Chris Nauroth (namenode) ImageServlet should use Time#monotonicNow to measure latency. Posted to Microsoft IIS (Forum) by microsoft on 05-29-2009 Problem: "Unable to open your default e-mail folders" after moving mailbox to second server Scenario: 1 Exchange server in California. 1 new Expand Cognos Planning, 2. http://bsdupdates.com/project-server/project-server-error-42.php Table 6.

LookupTableInvalidCookieLength = 11060 The cookie length for a lookup table is not valid. CICOAlreadyCheckedOutInSameSession = 10105 Already checked out in the same session. LookupTableMaskLevelMustBeOneOrMore = 11011 The code mask must be level 1 or greater. PlannerInvalidProjectsSet = 28919 The set of projects is not valid.

When you create a multilanguage lookup table, for example, add only one mask value for each level, or first add the value for the primary LCID.LookupTableLCIDNotSupportedInLookupTableLanguages = 11062The locale identifier (language QueueAnalysisCannotUpdateAnalysis = 29682 The QueueUpdateAnalysis method cannot update the analysis. I'm using Claim base authentication, that could be causing problem but I don't know how am I suppose to connect to it, though I've tried several ways to connect, for example PlannerInvalidAnalysisType = 28015 The type of portfolio analysis is not valid.