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Post Error 209-invalid Online Spare Memory Configuration

Was the information on this page helpful? The difference is that the primary banks and mirrored banks are located on different memory boards. Hide thumbs Also See for ML570 - ProLiant - G2 Setup and installation manual - 288 pagesQuickspecs - 51 pagesTuning manual - 51 pages 1 2 3 4 5 If diagnostics is not an option, swap with a known good memory module, to make sure the DIMM slot on the system board or memory board is good. his comment is here

This can also be related to the video card. Most of the issues described below will be corrected by proper memory configuration. Perform these steps after the memory has been tested. Solution Install or reinstall memory boards sequentially.

POST checks the following items to ensure that the workstation system is functioning properly: If the power-on password is set, a key icon appears on the screen while POST is running. Update system BIOS. 511—CPU. POST checks the following items to ensure that the computer system is functioning properly: Keyboard DIMMs Diskette drives All mass storage devices CPUs Controllers Fans Temperature sensors Cables (front/rear panels, audio,

You do not have to wait for a scheduled shutdown to replace the failed DIMM. If an expansion card was recently added, remove it to find out if the problem remains. Remove additional memory modules and try with minimum configuration. Was the information on this page helpful?

Replace the diskette drive. Reseat the fan. Performs all future reads from the other memory board. http://h20564.www2.hpe.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c03137775&sp4ts.oid=316533 Remove and replace memory modules one at a time to isolate faulty modules.

Reseat the processor in its socket. The installed CPUs have different voltage requirements. To assign a serial number , select Security >System IDs in the Computer Setup (F10) Utility. If this occurs, the recommended procedure is to power off the server as soon as possible, replace the faulty DIMM, and restart the system.

Hot-plug mirrored memory works like single-board mirrored memory. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/446652/Hp-Ml570-Proliant-G2.html?page=42 Move the card to a different slot. Mixing processors with different power requirements. Clear the CMOS. 610—External Storage Device Failure External storage device not detected, improperly connected, or defective Ensure the external device is present and connected properly.

Reduce the computer power consumption. this content Processor defective Replace the processor. System halted Unsupported processor detected. If server is able to POST, perform Insight Diagnostics Offline Edition from Smart Start CD.

Mixed type processors detected Replace the processors with matched processors. Also, RAID memory eliminates the write bottleneck associated with typical storage subsystem RAID implementations. Potential system board problem; contact HP Support. 926—Fatal error on IOH Vtd Fatal error detected in the Intel Virtualization Technology. http://bsdupdates.com/post-error/post-error-177-configuration-not-complete-controller-order-not-setup.php Select a new address for the flexible disk drive. 912—Computer Cover Has Been Removed Since Last System Start Up N/A No action required. 914— Hood Lock Coil is not Connected Mechanism

Replace diskette drive. Replace the memory module. 204—Memory module failed and user rank was disabled Improper module load. Update system BIOS. 511—CPU Fan not detected Fan is not connected or is defective.

Description of online spare memory In earlier-generation servers and in servers without online spare memory, when a memory module experiences an excessive number of correctable single-bit errors, the system issues a

It is targeted for customers who cannot afford to take a server offline to replace a failing DIMM. Disable RAID mode, or disable SATA drivelock.. 1801—Microcode Update Error Unknown or unsupported processor stepping. Populate the processor socket or remove the DIMM. Solution Install DIMMs that have a primary width of x4 if Advanced ECC memory support is required.

Errors in the ECC detection system can also be detected, but not corrected. Be sure that none of the keys are pressed. Reseat the card. check over here This is not supported.

Ensure proper memory fan connections. 514—CPU or Chassis Fan not detected CPU or chassis fan is missing, not connected, or defective Insure the processor or chassis fan is installed and connected Blue/Pink Screen of Death during Operating System installation. If it is contact, HP Support. 1802—Processor Not Supported The system board does not support the processor. Reseat the fan cable.

Generated Mon, 24 Oct 2016 10:45:18 GMT by s_wx1011 (squid/3.5.20) Invalid electronic serial number Incorrect serial number registered in the system Use the F10 Setup Utility to reset the serial number. Solution Install or reinstall DIMMs to support mirrored mode or RAID mode. Solution Run Insight Diagnostics and replace failed components as indicated.

Replace the system board. 304—Keyboard or System Unit Error Keyboard failure. In early ProLiant Generation 2 (G2) servers, the spare memory bank was set by the system ROM and could not be changed. During a scheduled shutdown, the faulty DIMM is replaced with a functioning DIMM. Press F10 to exit RBSU and restart your server.

All reads and writes are made to the spare bank. Sign up! If the problem persists, replace the card. 924—Non fatal correctable PCI error Contact HP support. 925—Non fatal uncorrectable ESI error Non-fatal, uncorrectable ESI error on slot # occured. Replace the fan. 514—Memory fan not detected Memory fan missing, disconnected, or defective.

Special requirements for mirrored memory You must meet the following requirements for mirrored memory: Mirrored memory must be configured in the RBSU. Possible Cause The system is configured with only one FBDIMM and the system does not support single FBDIMM mode, or multiple FBDIMMs are installed but were not installed in the proper Error Message 207-Memory Configuration Warning - DIMM In Socket x does not have Primary Width of 4 and only supports standard ECC. ERROR: A processor requiring too much power is installed.