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A job hasn't finished, but nothing has arrived in the printer for some time. Incorrect PPD being used At times corruption can occur before the file is even printed. Is is about sending the same PS file to different printservers. Some PostScript interpreters disallow all file writing for security reasons. http://bsdupdates.com/offending-command/postscript-error-handler-pjl.php

Accurate information is the first step in solving any problem. May be caused by corruption, especially if the command is junk. PostScript error types Following are common error types, grouped by general cause.The following error types indicate that something exceeds the PostScript interpreter's memory or a PostScript language limit:dictfullfatal system error at This is a computer that translates the pages you want to print from PostScript into a format that the PostScript device understands. https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/troubleshoot-postscript-errors.html

Error Rangecheck Offending Command Image

Beware also of EPS files of colour photographs, though Adobe Photoshop produces files that are acceptable on level 1 monochrome printers too so long as "JPEG EPS" format is not used. Also look for very large values or objects well off the page. Every PostScript device contains a RIP (or Raster Image Processor).

This could be happening on the computers hard disk or as a result of any of the following: 1. If you are convinced of this, you will need to take this up with the relevant parties. I think you need to take a new look at the error message since you omitted the most important part. Error Syntax Error Offending Command Nostringval Laurens says: June 6, 2009 at 4:24 pm Thanks Alex - that first one is so obvious I should have noticed it myself.

serverdict begin 0 exitserver % *** mark /status load type /operatortype eq { { (xxx) status } stopped { $error /newerror false put /[email protected] /status load def /status { dup type Error Undefined Offending Command Stack Your chances of getting help are far larger if you post all of this information on a forum such as the Adobe support forums or the b4print forums. Leon says: May 6, 2012 at 6:24 pm Hi! https://www.prepressure.com/postscript/troubleshooting/basics Increase available memory, especially if level 2 (not all level 1 printers will increase path limit if memory is increased).

By 'errors' I mean specific errors detected by a PostScript printer, that make it stop printing. Xerox Error Undefined Offending Command Stack It is likely to be a path length if offending command is one of arc arcn arct arcto charpath clip closepath curveto flattenpath eoclip eofill fill lineto moveto rcurveto rlineto rmoveto Remove it - it will usually be the very first or last character (or both). A particularly unpleasant source of problems is bugs, either in the programs that write the PostScript, or in a few cases in the PostScript interpreter itself.

Error Undefined Offending Command Stack

Can be caused by a bug in certain printer drivers, even if they know you have a level 1 printer. Are the same results achieved each time? Error Rangecheck Offending Command Image Can be caused by trying to use a level 2 file on a level 1 printer, if offending command is one of colorimage image imagemask settransfer status. Error Syntaxerror Offending Command This patch may help, added to the PostScript: % Insert after %%BeginSetup if any, else after initial % lines. /real-dict /dict load def /dict { dup add real-dict } def userdict

thanks a lot. check my blog Make sure that free hard disk space is defragmented.If you print to an external PostScript device, secure loose connectors (for example, cables, switch boxes) by unplugging and replugging them. unregistered "Should not occur". Julie says: April 2, 2013 at 5:02 pm When one of my customers uses startx on a Linux system and prints my document to a Xerox WorkCentre pro 35 with the Error Unregistered Offending Command Show

Related Concepts About Printer Control (PostScript) About Previewing Thumbnails in EPS Files (PostScript) About Default Plot to File Extension and Format (PostScript) About Raster Image Compression (PostScript) About Custom System and Rhonda says: July 16, 2009 at 7:37 pm We are trying to print different dot tone for a 4 color process screen print job and we have a screen writer 4 The likeliest source of bitmap data is a graphic in your file. this content Visit the Forum Contributed By Help Need Assistance?

Rarely seen, except when PostScript has been modified in an attempt to fix a problem, leaving data on stacks. Error Unregistered Offending Command Xshow What is the error? This utility can be useful to programmers for debugging PostScript code.

This utility installs a PostScript error-handling function in the printer to help determine the cause of some PostScript printing problems.

If the error occurs only once documents get past a certain level of complexity, there might be subtle errors that gradually fill up the operand stack - try printing fewer pages, Use an error handler What if you don't see an error message like this? Corruption. Error Undefined Offending Command G2ubegin For instance attempting to write text, without saying where on the page it is to go.

Word Perfect is especially prone to do this if the paper size is not set properly. You can then isolate the elements causing the problem by removing elements from each page. When an error happens it prints out an extra page of information. have a peek at these guys The discussion is confined to errors likely to be found when a program writes the PostScript on your behalf.

Sometimes the information appears on a printed sheet, and this often has supplementary information. Finding out more What if this doesn't help? At the prompt Save PostScript output as you are asked for a file name for saving printer output. I think there are about 30 or so but I could be wrong.

Damaged fonts, damaged system files, damaged printer drivers, insufficient hard disk space, network problems, or hardware problems commonly cause system-level problems. Of course, it helps if you know the famous Adobe Red Book by heart. One clear and one with following: ERROR: undefined OFFENDING COMMAND: 0 XO P 2 Hope you can help or suggest something to solve the issue. Make a copy of the file, maybe do a save as something else so the original file stays intact (Extremely Important!) 2.

Choose one of the following: Start > Settings > Printers (Windows 2000)Start > Printers And Faxes (Windows XP)Start > Control Panel > Printers (Windows Vista, Windows 7) Right-click the printer you For example: Error: limitcheck; Offendingcommand: clip Usually, this is reported by many as having received "an offending command error", but this information by itself is generally useless. If no output is returned by the printer, the Apple Printer Utility displays a dialog box; click Continue. To begin simplifying a complex file, do the following:reduce the number of imported graphicsreduce the number of fonts that are downloadedreduce the number of text effects (for example, skewing, rotation)delete elements

You may need it. Now is the same error produced? One error handler can be obtained from Adobe, the inventors of PostScript, by downloading the ehandler.ps file. (Note: this file has been changed by Adobe, and appears to be a ZIP I've cought the error in that cases: ERROR:undefined.

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