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Please Reference Error Code 400


In a truly Restful interface using HATEOAS (Hyptertext as the Engine of Application State), URLs for resources are not important for the client to know - clients merely follow links from Check the API documentation to determine what parameters are supported for the request and to see if the request contains an invalid combination of parameters or an invalid parameter value. Stack Overflow. Retry using exponential back-off. http://bsdupdates.com/error-code/php-error-code.php

Is that a "syntax error"? Retrieved February 8, 2015. ^ "Google API Standard Error Responses". User agents should display any included entity to the user.[31] 400 Bad Request The server cannot or will not process the request due to an apparent client error (e.g., malformed request or its affiliates. http://www.dslreports.com/forum/r23688998-E-mail-Please-reference-error-code-400

Http Status Code 400

TEMPORARY_REDIRECT (307) Error code Description temporaryRedirect To have your request processed, resend it to the URL specified in the Location header of this response. January 2002. Cloudflare. Retrieved 7 March 2015. ^ "Server Error Codes".

Want to be sure whether its a browser issue or Comcast server problem...Thanks![8F] The NyQuil Kid · actions · 2010-Jan-22 10:52 pm · TordekMake the outages go awayPremium Memberjoin:2009-09-07Great White Tordek Retrieved 2016-01-09. ^ "Railgun Listener to Origin Error". httpstatus. Http 404 Recommended behavior for invalid querystring parameter 3 HttpURLConnection GET request getting 400 Bad Request 3 API Development: When to return a BAD REQUEST HTTP Status Code (REST) 1 Rest response code

UNAUTHORIZED (401) Error code Description unauthorized The user is not authorized to make the request. Http 400 Bad Request Fix You need to get sufficient permissions to perform the operation on the specified entity. 403 dailyLimitExceeded Indicates that user has exceeded the daily quota (either per project or per view (profile)). TopicsREST Error ResponsesList of Error CodesREST Error ResponsesWhen there is an error, the header information contains:Content-Type: application/xml An appropriate 3xx, 4xx, or 5xx HTTP status codeThe body or the response also Retrieved August 30, 2016. ^ Stewart, Mark; djna. "Create request with POST, which response codes 200 or 201 and content".

For this request to succeed, you need to provide either an If-Match or If-None-Match header with the request.")); TOO_MANY_REQUESTS (429) Error code Description rateLimitExceeded Too many requests have been sent within Http 503 Do not retry without fixing the problem. share|improve this answer edited Aug 30 '13 at 8:46 Mike Braun 3,266913 answered Aug 29 '13 at 20:42 Panu Viljamaa 213 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Virginia) region, us-east-1.

Http 400 Bad Request Fix

IETF. A user agent should detect and intervene to prevent cyclical redirects.[18] 300 Multiple Choices Indicates multiple options for the resource from which the client may choose (via agent-driven content negotiation). Http Status Code 400 The syntax of a simple URLis { protocol + : + // + server + : + port }. Error Code 500 This class of status code indicates a provisional response, consisting only of the Status-Line and optional headers, and is terminated by an empty line.

In contrast to how 302 was historically implemented, the request method is not allowed to be changed when reissuing the original request. http://bsdupdates.com/error-code/pol-error-code-1158.php A code of 498 indicates an expired or otherwise invalid token.[67] 499 Token Required (Esri) Returned by ArcGIS for Server. ForumsJoin Search similar:[solved][issue] Email Server Down - Again[Email] Email Down[OOL] Duplicate e-mails[Email] Email Down againNotice: - Email Server Migration - June 22nd-23rd[Email] Email down Forums → US ISPs cable → Comcast IETF. Http 422

Retrieved 2016-10-12. Retrieved 16 October 2015. ^ ikitommi; Deraen. "metosin/ring-http-response". The bucket namespace is shared by all users of the system. http://bsdupdates.com/error-code/pro-c-error-code-139.php So, for example, submitting a form to a permanently redirected resource may continue smoothly.[30] 4xx Client Error[edit] 404 error on German Wikipedia The 4xx class of status code is intended for

Last updated July 8, 2016. 400 Bad Request Chrome Implementing Exponential Backoff Exponential backoff is the process of a client periodically retrying a failed request over an increasing amount of time. Resend the request to the same path, but without the /download prefix.

Try resending the request to the same path, but without the /upload prefix.

Google Books. For instance "Bob marries Mary" is syntactically correct, because it follows the pattern {Noun + Verb + Noun}. It must also recognize what are the valid "parts of speech". Http 500 But what about "abc://www.google.com:80"?

Retrieved January 8, 2015. ^ "ngx_http_request.h". April 2015. IETF. this contact form Retrieved October 24, 2009. ^ ikitommi; Daraen. "metosin/ring-http-response".

Retry using exponential back-off. Retrieved June 12, 2014. ^ "Reference of method redirect_to in Ruby Web Framework "Ruby on Rails". To obtain your response, send a GET request to the URL specified in the Location header. Microsoft. 2010.

Type: Container Ancestor: None Message The error message contains a generic description of the error condition in English. responseTooLarge The requested resource is too large to return. For example, this code could be used to present multiple video format options, to list files with different extensions, or to suggest word sense disambiguation.[19] 301 Moved Permanently This and all Not the answer you're looking for?

In us-east-1 region, you will get 200 OK, but it is no-op (if bucket exists it Amazon S3 will not do anything). 409 Conflict (in all regions except US East (N. Stay informed with Comcast Alerts Alerts are an easy, quick way to manage your account and get information - like payment confirmations and your current balance. httpstatus. userRateLimitExceeded The request failed because a per-user rate limit has been reached.

lockedDomainForbidden This API does not support locked domains. The message states: Email currently unavailable Please contact Comcast Support by calling 1-800-Comcast or chat live with a Comcast care representative. You need to get a new auth token. 403 insufficientPermissions Indicates that the user does not have sufficient permissions for the entity specified in the query. Sending a large request body to a server after a request has been rejected for inappropriate headers would be inefficient.

Click here to join today! a Web accelerator) that received a 200 OK from its origin, but is returning a modified version of the origin's response.[10][11] 204 No Content The server successfully processed the request and Similar Threads - error code Need Help!