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For example, if you use POSITION to place your visualization at 0 on the X or Y axis, any labels for that axis will not be visible. Defaults to the THICK plotting keyword. INTERPOLATE Set to 1 to force interpolation between Plot data points when SNAP is active. Tokens are case sensitive. check my blog

NAME The name of the graphic. Tip: You can use the AXIS function to insert additional axes after the graphic has been created. After creation the TITLE property may be used to retrieve a reference to the title text object, and the TEXTproperties may be used to modify the title object. If indices are supplied but no colors are provided with the RGB_TABLE property, a default grayscale ramp is used. click

Idl Oploterr

This is the default for polar plots. This is the default for polar plots. 4 - No axes, but use the same margins as if axes were there. Use the returned reference to manipulate the graphic after creation by changing properties or calling methods. These routines have modified the standard IDL routines to allow error bars in either direction.

  1. FILL_COLOR The color for the filled area.
  2. Tokens are case sensitive.
  3. SYM_FILLED Set this property to 1 to fill the symbols.
  4. Revision History Adapted from the most recent version of PLOTERR.
  5. See Adding Mathematical Symbols and Greek Letters to the Text String for details on the available symbols.
  6. The default behavior is to plot the entire data range.
  7. Landsman November 1993 Add ERRCOLOR, use _EXTRA keyword, W.
  8. ERRCOLOR = String (e.g. 'red') or scalar integer (0 - !D.N_TABLE) specifying the color to use for the error bars.
  9. THICK The thickness of the lines.

The [XYZ]RANGE takes precedence over this property. [XYZ]SUBTICKLEN The ratio of the minor tick length to the major tick length. This is the default for 3D graphics. 2 - Box axes - multiple axes located at both the minimum and maximum data values. Arguments X A vector representing the abscissa values to be plotted. Idl Errplot SYM_FILLED Set this property to 1 to fill the symbols.

For other graphics the crosshair is disabled. Idl Errorplot Valid values are "" (the default), "Years", "Months", "Days", "Hours", "Minutes", "Seconds", or "Time". [XYZ]TICKVALUES An array of tick mark locations. [XYZ]TITLE A string giving the axis title. [XYZ]TRANSPARENCY An integer FONT_NAME Set this property equal to a string specifying the IDL or system font for the title and axes (if present). http://www.harrisgeospatial.com/docs/ERRPLOT_Procedure.html The length of this array must be equal in length to the number of vertices of the plot.

Landsman Jan 2001 Remove NSUM keyword from PLOTS call W. Oploterror Idl For example, the following three specifications for the COLOR property all specify the same color: COLOR="light_blue" COLOR="#ADD8E6" COLOR=[173, 216, 230] CURRENT (Init) Set this property to create the graphic in the Landsman, August 1995 OPLOT more than 32767 error bars W. This property is ignored if FILL_BACKGROUND is not set.

Idl Errorplot

FONT_COLOR Set this property to a string or RGB vector that specifies the color of the title and axes (if present). Landsman Aug 1999 Check limits for logarithmic axes W. Idl Oploterr Any valid keywords to the OPLOT command (e.g. Idl Ploterr All other properties can be set during creation, or retrieved or changed after creation.

For more detailed explanations of these properties, see Axis Properties. click site The default value is “Helvetica”. For example, if NSKIP = 2 then every other error bar is plotted; if NSKIP=3 then every third error bar is plotted. Using a string that contains a hexadecimal color value, preceded by the # symbol. 3. Ploterror Idl

See http://www.idlcoyote.com/cg_tips/legcolor.php for a warning about the use of indexed color NSKIP = Positive SNAP Set to 1 to snap the crosshair to the nearest Plot data point. The SYM_OBJECT may be either an IDLgrModel object or an atomic graphics object. news The data range of the input arguments are used to automatically set the range of the axes.

The [XYZ]RANGE properties may be used to override these default ranges. Idl Horizontal Error Bars How can I do this in IDL? SYM_SIZE A floating point value specifying the size of the plot symbol.

WINDOW_TITLE Set this property to the title of the IDL Graphic window.

This keyword is ignored if either OVERPLOT or POSITION is specified. After creation the TITLE property may be used to retrieve a reference to the title text object, and the TEXT properties may be used to modify the title object. WIDGETS By default, when running from the IDL Workbench, the graphics window will use the native widgets for your platform. Psym Idl Check out the routines PlotErrorand OplotErr in the NASA Astronomy Library.

If NAME is not set then a default name is chosen based on the graphic type. R. Note: VERT_COLORS can be an array of RGB triplets or RGBA colors. More about the author This is the default for 2D graphics. 3 - Crosshair-style axes - located at the midpoint of each data dimension.

Version History 8.0 Introduced 8.1 Added the following properties: CROSSHAIR, UVALUE, WINDOW, [XYZ]SHOWTEXT, [XYZ]STYLE.